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Hockey is Back

Mass Hockey Return to Rinks Video Link


Current Game Requirements (8/17):

  • Masks required at all times in the rink for non-participants (spectators, coaches, referees, scorekeepers)
  • Masks required by participants when off the ice, on the bench and for centers when taking a faceoff
  • Hockey full face visors are not acceptable masks, hockey shields (currently under development) may be acceptable, gator masks are acceptable
  • Whistles will be quicker especially for battles against the boards and when the goalie covers the puck
  • A maximum of one spectator per participant, rinks may choose zero spectators.  Coaches do not count as spectators but siblings do.
  • Players and coaches must socially distance when on the bench.  Benches will be extended to accomdate this.
  • No checking at any level during a game or at practice